Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Chalet has in place a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in compliance with the Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014.

Companies initiatives see consistent commitment, backed by active participation from employees in making each activity meaningful, and personalized.

Giving back to society has been a constant endeavour at Chalet Hotels. Our CSR objective is to conceive, develop and fund programmes that can benefit the underprivileged, with focus on people with disabilities and those from the economically weaker sections. In the wake of the COVID-19 health crisis, we realised the alarming need to promote the importance of healthcare and have contributed towards it through our thoughtful initiatives.

  • We provided a fully equipped cardiac ambulance to Diabetic Association of India and healthcare plans for COVID-19 patients to JJ Hospital both at Mumbai providing healthcare facilities.
  • We also collaborated with Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India(TRRAIN) in a unique initiative called PANKH that aims to create sustainable livelihoods for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs)
  • Freshly cooked and hygienically packed meal boxes were prepared for COVID Warriors including doctors, nurses, policemen, municipality officials and control room officials across cities
  • Lunch Meal Boxes were donated to slums in collaboration with the Robin Hood Army
  • Partnered with local institutes and NGOs in the wake of the pandemic to offer support to vulnerable persons by arranging food ration distribution, distribution of bedsheets and towels, clothes and other essentials

We have identified areas and avenues for inclusion of the disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised. We continue to support differently abled individuals as well as those dedicated to the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. We have partnered with Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN) to create employability for individuals with physical infirmities.

Employees of Chalet support and show support towards community service by way of volunteering time, skill, knowledge, and resources to assist with initiatives that promote individual and community welfare.

In light of the ongoing pandemic and upholding the Company’s commitment to promoting health and welfare, we contributed towards providing a fully equipped cardiac ambulance to the Diabetic Association of India and purchase of healthcare plans for COVID-19 patients of J J Hospital, Mumbai.

Several initiatives have been undertaken by the hotels with the endeavour to create a positive impact in the communities in which we operate.