Corporate Governance is the process through which business is conducted/driven with the aim to achieve best results for the organisation ethically and legally, with decisions taken responsibly and in a fair and transparent manner which aims to meet shareholders aspirations. While the fundamentals of the values and ethics are resolute, adaptation to the evolving regulatory framework is essential. Moreover compliance and governance should abide not only by the letter but also by the spirit of the law.

 At Chalet Hotels, the Corporate Governance philosophy stems from the belief that Corporate Governance is a very important element in improving overall efficiency as well as maximising value for its stakeholders leading to enhancement in investor confidence. The Company aims at maximising value for its stakeholders, while not compromising in any manner on its commitment to values and ethical practices and also maintaining a balance with the society and environment. The Company through its Board of Directors and Management team is continuously and consistently committed to good Corporate Governance practices at all times for achieving its goals and targets, and at the same time not compromising on quality of its deliverables and ethics at any point of time. Policies and codes have been designed to imbibe the Company’s values in all areas of its operations. The Board of Directors of the Company periodically reviews the policies of the Company against evolving statutory framework. The Company also seeks and applies the service and advice of experts wherever considered necessary to ensure smooth flow of operations and activities, within the statutory realm.